RE-COUNT “Band vs.” was born at the beginning of 2007 from the meeting of 5 musicians coming from several different backgrounds and many years of experience in the swiss and italian music scene.

The band plays an interesting mix of  electro-rock alternative that find the perfect support in the voice of his singer.

The band is actually planning to go on road in order to promote their new CD “Egocollective” and their music.

Line Up:

Luca Gilardini “Jiddy”: guitar
Daniel Akaoui: drums
Jo Imparato: vocals
Marcello Sansone: bass guitar
Omar E.Bernasconi: machines


Before 2007 Re-count was a solo project by Omar E.Bernasconi.

“Project “ Re-count “ was lauched in 1994 by “ Omar E. Bernasconi ”,
Omar has always been interested in electonic music and its different genres.
His various collaborations and live concerts have contribuited to several different albums marked by his distinctive and very personal style. Beside his “ Re-count “ project, Omar collaborates with other bands as composer, programmer and, during live gigs, keyboard player.